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Évènement : Week of formation about alternatives

Le collectif se réinvente, change de nom, de statut, de projet et de site web.

Vous pouvez suivre l'aventure sur CASTELLAS.ORG. A bientôt.

Monday, 11 November, 2019 - 09:00 to Sunday, 17 November, 2019 - 17:00

On Monday, July 10th will begin one of our monthly Cycle of meeting, study and experiment around the processes of creation of Ekolieux.

The best moment to discover the proposal of the CCC, but also to experiment, during a week, the collective life and share experiences. But also participate in the experiment and in the sustainability of this kind of places and projects.

Led by members of the association, the program contains workshops, studies
sessions, sharing times... Each has private spaces, spare time and the possibility of making proposal or of leading autonomous actions.
The objective is to approach the multiple aspects of the creation and the development of ekolieux or more generally collective projects, by experimenting together
the concret tools proposed in the CCC.

Every day, three workshops are proposed:
A cultural: study of a particular subject, a creation or a sharing, looks for on theoretical aspects of this project type, assembly, communication,
A legal: debate, workshop or meeting on the functioning, the land tax, the management...
An economic: construction site or work in common, garden, small business sector(crafts), works...

This summer we wish to launch a common dynamic of transition for Bessèges and its neighborhood.
It would be interesting to bend, during this week, over this subject (in its three aspects: cultural, legal and economic).

also will suggest diverse construction works (a brick-built patio south yard, diverse alteration work on the second floor, for the artistic residence), in a purpose of experimenting working and creating efficiently and together.

Reservations needed, hosting available, an interest for the project encouraged.


3, impasse du Castellas 30160 Besseges

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